Nowadays you find many Christmas shops all over the world, but Artico Christmas House is pure magic. We are also north of the Arctic Circle, where Christmas is born and lives.

Do we have online sales?

At the moment we do not have online sales, but our SANTA are working on it.

Who is Julenisse?

Jule Nisse is the character of the Norwegian folk legends with a country look, short stature, and strict character.
This being from the Nordic culture is the most anticipated by children and adults on Christmas night. To calm his bad mood, we offer the sweet tooth Julenisse sweet porridge.

Why Artico xmas house should be a must?

ARTICO is the largest and best stocked Christmas shop in North Norway. 400 m2 on two floors of pure FANTASY.


Which are the Xmas baking traditions?

There is a tradition that consists in baking 7 varieties of cookies. In our kitchen, you will find many accessories to bake them.

Here you have 2 recipes. Enjoy them!!